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  • Wherever I May Roam Blog

    Posted on Monday, January 8, 2018 — By Admin

    IFA and Lafayette/West Lafayette and Visit Indiana hosted blogger Melody Pittman! Here her exciting review and take on delish foods and fun attractions in Lafayette/West Lafayette.


    Check this blog on Wherever I May Roam, Blogger, Melody Pittman talks Arni's in West Lafayette on her BEST of 2017 EATS.


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  • Name That Soda Trail!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 — By Admin

    Name that Trail! That's right, Indiana Foodways Alliance is currently running a contest to name their new soda trail featuring handcrafted sodas and soda syrupsThe contests runs on Facebook (handle @indianafoodway) until Tuesday, December 5th, 2017. If chosen, the winner will receive a $25 gift card to one of the soda trail stops! To enter your trail name suggestion to win, click below.

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  • IFA and Edible Indy

    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 — By Admin

    "Give Thanks Contest"

    Alt Text

    Indiana Foodways Alliance and Edible Indy are giving thanks to you for supporting local! Enter to win 1 of 5 prizes from five local businesses! Simply submit your email and name!

    $100 from Mrs. Wick's Restaurant

    $25 from Zydeco's in Mooresville

    $25 from 240 Sweet in Columbus

    $25 from Triple XXX Family Restaurant in Lafayette

    $50 from Sorin's Morris Inn in South Bend


    Alt Text

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  • Mecca of Food

    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017 — By Admin

    Mecca is to many..... the Mecca of Food. Mecca Tavern located in Mecca (Parke County) population 330. It became a town in 1833 and is just six miles west of Rockville, Indiana. The town houses one of the beautiful Mecca Covered Bridge on the National Registry for Historic Places. (To learn more about how the city of Mecca and the Mecca Covered Bridge was named click here)

    The tavern itself is the oldest Tavern in Parke County established in 1899. (Their tag line is "Oldest bar in Parke County and we have the floors to prove it".) Founded in 1899 by the Roberts Family and surviving population and economic decline, the tavern has really remained the epicenter for the community. A gather place to have a libation, good food, and catch up on the town news. (21 and older only)

    What started out as a longtime dream of owner and local football coach, Brad Sanders, turned reality and a family affair at Mecca Tavern. Brad's Aunt, Susie Schilling, is the head cook. This lady may not be a professionally trained chef, but she has people coming from all over the Midwest to try her food. Brad's wife, Patty and Mother, Pam, are also heavily involved in the restaurant.

    I immediately fell in love with this restaurant as it reminded me of my Grandfather's Tavern. The shotgun type bar with seating inside and patio seating outside. It is quaint and like a step back in time with wood flooring. It is simple in its décor but the food sets it apart from other taverns. So much of their limited menu is popular which is what makes this place a must taste place in Indiana. Initially, the tavern had limited food but as word of mouth traveled, the menu has grown too!

    The Meathead Burgers range from 1/4lb to 1 pound Burgers using Clinton Spindles Meat, a locally owned Meat Company, in Indiana. Patted and grilled to perfection. The 8oz and 1 pound Ribeye Steak are specials on Saturday, but also available in 8oz all week long.

    The Weekend Specials on Friday Nights are Catfish and Frog Leg Dinners. The weekend specials whether seafood, steak, or sandwiches bring in the crowds, so be sure to time your visits accordingly.

    The recent addition has been the Hoosier Favorite, the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. Available in grilled or breaded. Susie Schilling uses her own special breading to make the succulent sandwich. It is a HUGE sandwich much like other tenderloins in State. However, Susie has a demand of the Tenderloins from her special breading and the hand pounded to perfection. Her breading is spot on and is the talk of Tenderloin Lovers from afar. (They are currently in the running for best Pork Tenderloin Sandwich in Indiana by Visit Indiana, Vote Here.

    Whether you're visiting the beautiful bridges of Parke County or simply passing through, make sure Mecca Tavern is a stop along the way. You will be enamored by the history, friendly people, and fantastic food. Mecca Tavern is currently a member of Indiana Foodways Alliance's Tenderloin Trail, Here Fishy Fishy and Burgers, Brews and Dogs Trails. (NOTE: The Mecca Tavern is 21 and Older ONLY) Blog by Lindsey Skeen

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  • Celebrate The Sandwich All Year Long

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2017 — By Admin

    Alt Text


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  • A True Farm To Table Store - Turkey Run Gas & Grille

    Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017 — By Admin

    Alt Text

    Turkey Run Gas and Grill located in Marshall, is a great stop whether passing through the Covered Bridge County or a stop to refuel after a day on the water. During our first visit we were taken aback with this quaint convenience store/restaurant right off of Hwy 47 in Parke County.

    Looking like just another gas station/convenience store, upon entering, we immediately noticed there is much more to this place. We met with Bret Vandermolen, (owns boasts many trades within the McCurdy Company) and Managers, Becca Jones and Lora Gildon. They shared how the farm to table concept is not new to them and is a welcomed everyday function.

    Inside the store, a restaurant is nestled to the left, with a window placed for ordering. All the food options are available on a menu board. They work very hard to use the freshest ingredients from garden veggies to specialty cheese from a company with Kentucky ties. Most of the selections available are farm to table.

    Alt Text

    The locally sourced tenderloin is hand pounded and breaded to perfection. The popular Hoosier pork tenderloin we tried was so succulent! The freshness of the pork was very apparent and was loaded with fresh veggies from the garden too. It was Bret's first time trying a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich so we had some fun with that! Follow us on twitter to catch the video! @indianafoodwaysalliance The beef for the burgers is made fresh from a local farm and is 100% Beef. There are no hormones and no antibiotics used from McCurdy Farms and Cattle Company. The delicious burger was topped with fixings from their garden. To our surprise, a special cheese was used called St. Jerome. The cheese is made from a local dairy farm, Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, in Kentucky. It is hard cheese with a smooth rind, flower notes like cheddar and a creaminess like Gouda. I love that they are using locally sourced products even for toppings!!

    During our visit, we tried the Beef Burger and Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches but the side was just as much as a treat than anything! What goes best with these signature sandwiches? Why an Indiana Favorite, hand breaded pickles, of course! I'm picky about fried pickles so I was pleasantly surprised, the breading is nailed down to perfection! Lightly breaded with just enough spice in the blend! They have so many options for snacks, lunch, or dinner so make this a priority stop while you're in Marshall!

    Recently I took the family on a 15 mile canoe trip - Husband and 3 boys in tow. We used Turkey Run Canoe & Camping, also owned by Joe McCurdy. If you want to enthrall yourself in to the break taking views of Sugar Creek....go canoeing!! Amazing memories, we broke a few lures trying to catch the giant Carp and only tipped once! After a long day on the water it was a must to stop at Turkey Run Gas and Grille. We cooled off with Ice Cream! They have several different varieties available of Glover's Ice Cream, which is also an Indiana Company. Alt Text

    The convenience store part of the Turkey Run Gas & Grille offers variety of Camping supplies too. They have recently renovated the convenience area so stop in today and check out this hidden gem in Marshall, Indiana!

    Turkey Run Gas & Grille are on Indiana Foodways Alliance's Ice Cream for Ice Cream, Tenderloin and Homegrown Trails.

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  • Gobbler's Knob Country Store

    Posted on Thursday, July 27, 2017 — By Admin

    Just moments from Turkey Run State Park, you will find The Gobblers Knob Country Store off of SR 41 in Bloomingdale, IN. Gobbler's Knob Country Store Outside

    The friendly staff, fun nostalgic candy, handmade candies and drumsticks and the wonderful ice cream selection are more than enough to make the trip but as an added bonus, they also have antiques, collectables and some jewelry! Be sure you stop by when you are in the area, you've got to see this!

    The ice cream was fantastic, with a large variety of changing flavors, many would be hard to find elsewhere. Such as elephant ear ice cream! Where have you ever seen that before? If you like elephant ears or cinnamon, Id give that one a try for sure! See one you are interested in, but not sure about? They do offer samples as well to help make your decision. The most amazing thing we tried while we were here, was their drumsticks that they make on-site. Drumstick from Gobbler's Knob It's dipped vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone topped with chocolate and salted peanuts. Yum! So, delicious and 100 times better than the mass produced kind you find in the grocery store! There was even a surprise once you got to the bottom. You'll have to try one to figure that out though. (Yes, its edible. Sorry, its not a ring or something like in a box of Cracker Jacks).

    The history of this building is very interesting. Ask while you are there, but here is a short synopsis, with details taken from a history as recalled by Jessie Guthrie Graeber and George Guthrie and given to us when we visited. The building was formerly the Commissary at Turkey Run. It was constructed about 1927 by local carpenters for William Guthrie, the then lessee and manager of the hotel at Turkey Run. It was a place to get picnic supplies and groceries and its staff also served sandwiches, pie, soda pop and ice cream. Mr. Guthries lease on the hotel was canceled in 1943 and he was told he could leave the commissary building but wouldn't be paid anything for it. So, in the summer of 1943, they sawed the building in half across the gables and the two halves were rolled on logs down SR 47 to SR 41 and placed on a solid foundation at it's new home. It has had a variety of different uses since it has been moved but its very well suited as an ice cream and candy store now we think.

    This location also has two adorable tiny house style, air-conditioned cabins available for rent next to the Country Store. Gobbler's Knob Cabin Check out their website for more details on those: http://www.gobblersknobcabins.com/. We were able to tour them while here and it sure made us long for a weekend away! Very clean and comfortable space.

    When you visit, be sure to share your experience with us on social media! We'd love to hear from you!

    You will find Gobblers Knob Country Store on the Sweet Temptations and I Scream for Ice Cream Trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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  • The Phoenix

    Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 — By Admin

    Tucked away by the IGA in Rockville is a very nice surprise! The Phoenix Restaurant is an Asian buffet but also has menu options. Locals love it! One woman we met says she comes twice a week and just loves the Crab Rangoon and the Baked Crabmeat with Cheese. We were sure to try those and fell in love with them! The staff and owner are very friendly and you could tell that there were many regulars in there for lunch the day we visited.

    The buffet was very clean and had a good selection of options. We were encouraged to try the coconut chicken, crab Rangoon, baked crabmeat with cheese and we were told to wait and save room for the house specialty- the Chicken Rendang! That day she also had a wonderful cauliflower and cheese dish that we loved. We were so impressed with the flavors of each dish! The Phoenix, Coconut Chicken The coconut chicken was breaded, fried chicken bites with a creamy coconut sauce. Amazing! Crab Rangoons at the Phoenix The Crab Rangoons were perfectly crunchy with a sweet, creamy center. The baked crabmeat with cheese was an interesting dish, that we thought was something different, it was simple, just like it sounds, crabmeat with melted cheese on top. I believe maybe there were some vegetables thrown in there too but Im not quite sure, at any rate it was very good. The crown jewel was for sure the Chicken Rendang though! Chicken Rendang at the Phoenix This is a Malaysian Dish that only is available when the owner is working we are told. It is a chicken curry dish with vegetables but the curry flavor is somewhat milder than most. I'm not a curry fan at all and I really enjoyed this dish, although a bit spicy. It had hints of ginger as well, which the owner mentioned she loves to put in many of her dishes. We were told, residents of the area who have moved away often come back and request her Chicken Rendang, saying its not as good or can't be found in the Asian restaurants in their new towns. The buffet also offered a variety of traditional Asian dishes such as Egg Drop Soup, Sweet Donuts, sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, pot stickers, egg rolls and more. It was a very impressive spread and dishes were being refilled consistently.

    We left with our bellies full and dreaming of the next time we can visit to try some more mouthwatering dishes! If looking for Asian in Parke County and surrounding areas, this is for sure the place to go!

    When you visit, please take photos and share those and your experience with us on our social media pages! We'd love to hear what you think!

    You will find The Phoenix Restaurant on the Savor the Flavor and the Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner Trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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  • Aaron's Lakehouse

    Posted on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 — By Admin

    Aaron's Lakehouse Tenderloin Many may know this restaurant as Sparky's Road House Bar and Grille but it has recently changed hands and is now Aaron's Lakehouse. This had just become official at the time of our visit and we are very excited to see what the new owners decide to change in this restaurant. We have heard many of the long-time favorites are staying such as the Breaded Tenderloin, Italian Roast Beef Hoagie, Rib Eye Steak and more! The owners also plan to add some of their own items to the menu and are excited about some made to order items they plan to add.

    While there, we were able to try the breaded tenderloin. It came out of course larger than the bun, an Indiana tradition, but was wonderfully thick and had a nice ratio between meat and breading. Wish we could have eaten it all.

    This restaurant offers family dining as well as a bar area and is close to Raccoon Lake as well as downtown Rockville. There is plenty of parking and space, so bring your friends and family! On the weekends, there is also live entertainment. The new owners have some great ideas for ways to improve the restaurant as well! Even if you've been before, you might give this place another try, very soon! We can't wait to go back!

    Please share your experiences and photos with us on social media! We'd love to hear about it!

    This restaurant can be found on the Here Fishy, Fishy, Tenderloin and the BBQ trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory.

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  • Collom's General Store

    Posted on Friday, July 21, 2017 — By Admin

    Collom's General Store is a step back in time. Immediately pulling up to Collom's General Store in Bridgeton I was in awe. The drive alone felt like a different era. The country was beautiful and as we pulled up to the General Store, I was immediately in enamored with this tiny town. Parke County is known for their covered bridges and is one of the first images rolling into Bridgeton.

    Collom's is owned by Dan and Kathy Collom. Realizing the need, they bought the building and turned it into a general market, restaurant, and town gathering place, of sorts. It is the perfect fit for the residents and guests of Bridgeton.

    So many different items available for purchase such as deli case meat, ice cream, sandwiches, salads, and homegrown products. The Hot Ham and Cheese is a local favorite and grilled to perfection.

    They make homemade salads daily. The Ham Salad was so fresh and has just the right about of savory from the meat and sweet from the other ingredients. It was our favorite food of the day. Kathy and her daughter even sent some home with us.

    The store itself reminded me of when I was a child going to our local store downtown. The store is Bridgeton's only store open year round for residents and visitors.

    On Friday Nights, everyone gathers for the dinner and music fest. The feature different meals every Friday and the music is a town favorite. Ordering from the deli is always available too. Order sandwiches and take on a picnic your down the road to the gorgeous covered bridge. Built by Dan Collom and Co. too.

    ***A little history on the bridge

    The dam is nine feet tall and 220 feet long. The waterfall is 2002 long- the foundation of The Mill is actually part of the dam. The covered bridge is 261 feet long. (The postcards say 245 feet). It is a double span Burr Arch originally built by J.J. Daniels in 1868. The covered bridge was Set Aside or closed to traffic in 1968. It was burnt down in 2005 and re-built by the good people of the community in 2006

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  • Tasty Treats at the Tasty Freeze

    Posted on Saturday, July 15, 2017 — By Admin

    Have you ever heard of Montezuma, Indiana? I hadn't either, but trust me, you want to go! There is a small restaurant with walk up or drive through windows only that has the best, indulgent treats you will find for miles and miles around. If you are a fan of Coney dogs, French fries and ice cream make this a stop on your next trip to Western Indiana for sure. Located just a few miles outside of Rockville, IN in Parke County, it's one of the first things you will see as you enter Montezuma and is right across the street from the local baseball diamonds. As you pull up you will notice the nostalgic feel of this restaurant decorated with many signs reminiscent of the 1950's and 60's and characters youd expect to see on a retro commercial for a drive-in movie theater. Also has a variety of license plates displayed from around the US. We loved it!

    The menu board is very expansive and maybe a bit overwhelming but take it from us, you've got to try the Bacon Coney Dog Delight, the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger, the Loaded French Fries and of course an ice cream treat! We recommend the Snickers Blast or a Boston Shake. Everything was so good! You would expect a place like this to be very greasy too but it was hardly greasy at all. Bacon Coney Dog Delight from The Tasty Freeze The Bacon Coney Dog Delight was a very good, meaty hotdog, wrapped in guess what?...Bacon! Everything is so much better with bacon. But we aren't done yet, they then deep fry it and then before it is served it is covered with the house special Coney sauce and some cheese. This makes for an extra crispy, yet saucy and sinfully indulgent hotdog. Here's some fun facts! It takes 13 pounds of beef to make every batch of Coney sauce. You want the recipe for the house Coney sauce? You gotta buy the building! Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger from Tasty Freeze The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger of course has some more bacon but that isn't what makes this burger, no it is the burger itself. The hamburger is purchased every day fresh from a local meat packer and hand pressed into patties. That's right, it is never frozen and is made EVERY DAY! You can really tell the difference as well! It is so fresh and juicy, you can taste the meat. Tasty Freeze Loaded Fries Now, surprisingly, my favorite was the Loaded French Fries. I'm not usually a French fry gal but these were outstanding! They were crinkle cut fries covered in melted cheese and bacon, no surprises, here right? But wait! They also add, black and green olives and green pepper! I'm not usually a fan of green olives either but wow! These together just made the perfect combination! Just enough salt. It was wonderful! I could have eaten the entire order myself.

    Their breaded pork tenderloin is hand breaded and pounded fresh as well and they go through around 200 per week! That's a lot of pork! A trip to the Tasty Freeze isn't complete without some ice cream though and believe me they have plenty to choose from! Snickers Blast Shake from Tasty Freeze We would recommend the Snickers Blast, a sundae with chunks of Snickers and caramel and chocolate on top. Or a Boston Shake. This is any kind of shake with any sundae on top! I'm not sure exactly what ours was but it had peanut butter in it which in my book, is kind of like bacon, it makes anything better. The ice cream is soft served so there are so many options of combinations and flavor selections.

    All the food was so good! Be sure to make a pit stop in Montezuma next time you are in the area or maybe make it your destination because of the Tasty Freeze. I know I'll be back!

    If you go, be sure to share your photos and thoughts on our social media pages! We'd love to know what you loved!

    You will find The Tasty Freeze on the Burgers, Brews and Dogs, Tenderloin and I Scream for Ice Cream trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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  • A Biker's Paradise at Thirty-Six Saloon

    Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017 — By Admin

    Located right downtown Rockville, Indiana, you can't miss the Thirty-Six Saloon as you come in to town. Chances are it will be the place with all the motorcycles around, as it hosts several poker runs and other motorcycle events throughout the year. Located in a historic building with a history that spans over 100 years although remodeled several times over the years, it is made to look like a rustic saloon from the wild west. The impressive outside family friendly patio, called the Hog Pit is very spacious and is decorated with grass skirted umbrellas to give it a beachy feel. Outside you can also watch the cooks in the BBQ kitchen smoke the meat you might soon decide to eat. Live music is available on most weekends. You will even find a small fish pond and a fire place outside. A great place to kick back, relax and enjoy the weekend with great friends and fun food!

    A couple things that stuck out on the menu that we just had to try were the "Hog Slop Chips" and the "Hog Turds". Doesn't sound very appetizing, does it? But if you can get past the name, they are delicious! Hog Slop Chips at 36 Saloon, Rockville, INThe "Hog Slop Chips" are homemade ruffle thick sliced chips topped with pulled pork or brisket, smokehouse baked beans and queso cheese. All my favorites from family BBQ dinners all in one dish! Hog Turds from Thirty-Six Saloon, Rockville, IN The "Hog Turds" are jalapeños stuffed with brisket and pepper jack cheese then wrapped in a soft pretzel and deep fried. Something we have never encountered before. It is a little spicy and I'm a wimp when it comes to spice so it wasn't my cup of tea but the pretzel wrapping and the brisket were amazing! I could tolerate the spice for a couple bites too. I would highly recommend, especially if you love spicy items.

    We can't wait to go back to try more of their burgers and brats too! The smoked items were so wonderful though and would pair perfectly with your favorite cold beer! We hear the "Biker Babe Burger" is to die for though! You might just see us there sometime soon! Check out their website for a listing of the bands they will be hosting soon. www.thirtysixsaloon.com.

    If you visit, take a picture and share it with us on social media! We'd love to see your favorites!

    You will find Thirty-Six Saloon on the Tenderloin, BBQ and Burgers, Brews and Dogs Trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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  • A Little Color to Brighten Your Day at the Yellow Umbrella

    Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 — By Admin

    We walked in to the Yellow Umbrella on a somewhat rainy, dreary day and our mood was instantly lifted, as soon as we walked in the door, with the sight of the bright yellow umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and as the subjects in most of the photos around the restaurant and the bright yellow chairs at all the tables. You cant help but smile when you walk in the restaurant and I'm sure you will be greeted with a smile as well by the very friendly staff. You might ask, why the yellow umbrellas? I know we did. Well, the owners are fans of the show "How I Met Your Mother" and got the idea of the yellow umbrella from the show but also say it represents perseverance and a quest for dreams. The owners have had an interesting past. A husband and wife team of culinary school of Indianapolis graduates and trained chefs own the restaurant. They have worked as chefs for such places as the Indy Eleven, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and several restaurants. They returned home and started working at the location's previous restaurant then decided to purchase when it went on the market.

    This is a family restaurant in every sense of the phrase. The owners do the cooking, their moms both help serve, their uncle is helping with the books and took the photography hanging on the walls and their son is a frequent visitor (at the time of our visit he was only one month old). Some of their recipes are even their family favorites! Such as their marinara recipe that is over a hundred years old and passed down from their Italian family members. Currently they are open Sunday-Saturday for breakfast and lunch and only Saturdays for their dinner menu but are hoping to expand those hours.

    From what we tasted, everyone should be running there for every meal! This food is absolutely fabulous! They know how to do the classic, simple flavors but also spruce it up and have contemporary flavors and dishes. Such as the classic chicken salad sandwich we sampled while there, a delicious, chunky chicken salad, served on a wonderfully flaky croissant.Yellow Umbrella Chicken Salad Yet, we also tried a small plate from their dinner menu that was pan seared pork with a beet and a carrot puree, topped with skillet fried corn and served with watermelon gazpacho, topped with feta cheese.Yellow Umbrella Dinner Menu- Small Plate Tasted like something youd find at a fine farm to table restaurant in Chicago or Indianapolis. So, delicious. The mix of flavors were perfect; cool, crisp, creamy watermelon gazpacho paired with warm, crispy pork tenderloin and corn as well as the smooth, silky vegetable puree. Absolute perfection! If that wasn't delicious enough, we also had a Stuffed French Toast that was to die for! Yellow Umbrella Stuffed French Toast It was brioche bread stuffed with a pastry cream and topped with a blueberry and strawberry compote and powdered sugar. My mouth is watering. I could eat this every morning for sure! Good thing I dont live in Rockville, Id weigh 100 pounds more! For those who like a hearty breakfast, be sure to try the Hungry Like the Wolfe sandwich! It is a croissant crammed full of 4 scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and Swiss and American cheese! A meat lovers delight! Hungry Like the Wolfe Breakfast Sandwich from Yellow Umbrella

    For those of you who are coffee drinkers, be sure to pop in for one of their wonderful coffee drinks. We would recommend one of their specialties, a doppelganger cortado, an espresso drink. Yellow Umbrella Coffee For those non-coffee drinkers, try a milk shake! I tried the smores shake. Oh, my gosh! One sip and I was transported to childhood (or who are we kidding, last fall) around a campfire waiting for the marshmallows to roast and then building my own smore with my chocolate pieces and graham cracker and having the marshmallow smoosh out of the graham cracker in my mouth for a sweet, melty, very messy treat. This was just like that only better, and not quite so messy! s'mores shake from Yellow Umbrella

    The atmosphere is inviting and family friendly and in the summer months there is a large patio, of course with yellow umbrellas for dining al fresco. So, the next time you need a place to relax and enjoy some great food, take a stroll or a drive to Rockville, Indiana and give the Yellow Umbrella a try. Its a small-town coffee shop and restaurant with big city flare run by a superb culinary team with a passion for good food, great company and a touch of whimsy and spunk!

    Be sure to tell us what you loved by sharing your experience on our social media pages!

    You will find the Yellow Umbrella on the Coffee & Tea Room, Rise N'Shine and Soup, Salad & Sandwich Trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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  • Bobber's Café at Shadyside Bait & Tackle

    Posted on Monday, July 10, 2017 — By Admin

    Bobber's Café at Shadyside Bait & Tackle 1117 Alexandria Pike Anderson, IN 46012

    PHONE: 765-602-6395

    OWNER: Stacie Cowgill

    HOURS: 7am-9pm daily

    Looking for a meal with a view? Check out Bobber's Café at Shadyside Lake in Anderson, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from 7am-9pm. You may want to sit outside at picnic tables or the covered deck, or just choose to sit inside to enjoy your meal.

    Check out their daily specials on the blackboard. Today's included the Blu Burger with BBQ chips, Breaded Fish Sandwich and Fries, or a Turkey Wrap with Fries. Bobber's menu has a great selection of sandwiches, all made to order with your choice of bread and cheese. There aren't many places that feature Fried Bologna sandwiches and if that's what you may be craving, this is place to get it. The menu features panini's and wraps or you just may want a Chef Salad.

    You must try their breaded or grilled tenderloin with your choice of bun or texas toast! Bobber's Café tenderloins were featured in the 2017 Tenderloin Throwdown in Greensburg, June 24, 2017! Their tenderloins took First Place in Most Creative Tenderloin and Second Place in the Peoples Choice category for Best Tenderloin in Indiana!

    Wanting breakfast for lunch or dinner? Bobber's Café serves breakfast all day. Try their made from scratch homemade buttermilk biscuits and house made sausage gravy! You'll love the food at Bobber's Café!

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  • Good Eats Along the Hiking Trails at Turkey Run State Park Inn's Narrows Restaurant

    Posted on Friday, June 30, 2017 — By Admin

    Salad Bar salad at Narrows Restaurant What a delightful culinary experience, to dine in the Narrows Restaurant in this Historic Turkey Run State Park Inn. After an exhausting morning of hiking the beautiful trails, my partner and I rushed in five minutes before the 2pm closing time for lunch and were greeting graciously. The restaurant has a relaxed, casual very cozy atmosphere. We were seated by one of the many windows, which looked out to a bird feeder, where a nuthatch was eating also! I loved that anywhere you are seated, there is an open view, either to the beautiful wooded outdoors or the Inns indoor pool. Also, outdoor patio seating is available for dining.

    Although the Hoosier Tenderloin, an Indiana State Park Inn specialty sandwich was appetizing to me, we both opted for the Soup and Salad buffet. It didnt disappoint us. The field greens were fresh with plenty of various toppings to choose as well as dressings. I enjoyed the pea salad and potato salads too. A meat and seafood buffet is also available that looked delicious. The tilapia was especially tempting that day, but maybe on another trip. Although the desserts looked delectable, we opted for the candy cart by the Inns gift shop and purchased our favorite classic candy; Cow Tales and a Pay Day.

    Happy Trails!

    You will find this restaurant on the Rise N' Shine, Tenderloin and Soup, Salad & Sandwich Trails.

    Blog Written by Diana Simpson

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  • So Good Candies is Oh So Good!

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017 — By Admin

    Alt Text So Good Candies located in Peru, Indiana is relatively new shop with old favorites including Arnold's Candies famous fudge recipe.

    Alt Text A locally owned business brought back a hometown and community favorite, Arnold's Fudge Recipe dating back to 1914. Cole Porter, the famous Indiana songwriter, had an affinity for Arnold's Famous Fudge. Porter would have the fudge shipped to him all over the world. So many favorites available including caramels, creams, toffees and turtles.

    Alt Text These scrumptious little bars are called "Gold Bricks". Harrison Ford used to have the "Gold Bricks" shipped to his movie sets for his guilty pleasure. The bricks consist of chocolate over Spanish peanuts with a gooey buttery center has a following of its own. Try them....you'll be ordering them online for every occasion!

    Alt Text Self serve Malt balls, sour candies, cinnamon balls and other fine candies available for purchase priced by the pound.

    Alt Text It is sucker galore...They have old fashioned candy reminiscent of the 1970's and 1980's many fell in love with in their youth, such as Astropops, Sweet Tart suckers, and more...

    So Good Candies is located at 25 W 3rd St, Peru, IN 46970 (765)327-8080 Care to make a special order? Call them today!

    Check out the video below as they introduce their new chocolate turtles available for purchase. https://www.facebook.com/1873800179508236/videos/1908640432690877/

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