Just Cruisin'™

Pile the family into the car or put the top down on the convertible with just your sweetie. Embrace nostalgia as you are served at your car window at a retro drive-in. The romance of the road also included diners and this trail helps you experience the best. Fill up on the traditional and the unusual. You also have to finally taste a Purvis Burger!

There are 15 stops on this trail: [Reset Map]

Full Trail List:

Stop Restaurant Name City  
1 Chocolate Moose Farmland, IN More Info
2 Frazier's Dairy Maid Anderson, IN More Info
3 Fry's A & W Greensburg, IN More Info
4 Gene's Root Beer Drive-In Anderson, IN More Info
5 Gilstrap's Big Berry Rockville, IN More Info
6 Igloo Frozen Custard (Tazer Drive Location) Lafayette, IN More Info
7 Igloo Frozen Custard (Troxel Drive Location) Lafayette, IN More Info
8 Ivanhoe's Ice Cream and Sandwich Shoppe Upland, IN More Info
9 Jimmie's Dairy Bar Pendleton, IN More Info
10 Lemon Drop Anderson, IN More Info
11 Oasis Diner Plainfield, IN More Info
12 The Original Frozen Custard Lafayette, IN More Info
13 The Tasty Freeze Montezuma, IN More Info
14 Triple XXX Family Restaurant West Lafayette, IN More Info
15 Weenee World 601 N. Memorial, IN More Info

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