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Run, walk, bike, drive or boat to Coody Brown's Lakeside Grill in Wolcottville, IN!

September 9, 2016 - General -

Coody Brown's Blue Gill

Coody Brown's Lakeside Grill is located between Witmer and Weslter Lakes in LaGrange County. If you love fish, be sure this place is on your bucket list! Enjoy boating on the lakes and just pull up when you get hungry. We are told the gas pump located next to Coody's is the only place to fill up on the lake, so why not fill up your tank while youre at it too! There is a wide variety of food to choose from including salads, burgers, chicken strips, pizza, specialty sandwiches, of course seafood and more!

After debating on the menu for a bit, we landed on the Blue Gill. If you like fish at all, get the Blue Gill! It was fantastic! There was a lot of food but it was very light and not greasy at all even though it is deep fried. The fish was moist and fluffy just as it should be! It was served with wonderfully crispy fries, creamy coleslaw and regular or Cajun tarter on the side (get the Cajun! Its sweet with just a slight kick, not spicy at all!). I cant wait to return to get this dish again, but there were so many other things on the menu we saw and heard were great! Some examples are the Prime Rib Grinder, Taco Chili Salad, Buffalo Burger, Broasted Chicken, Fish and Chips and the Salmon. The Prime Rib Grinder really intrigued us! It's description on the menu was "shaved prime rib with grilled onions and mushrooms topped with Swiss cheese and served au jus on a toasted sub roll.", are we in Philadelphia? Sounds similar to a Philly Cheese Steak, which they also have on the menu. Only difference is peppers vs. mushrooms it seems. Either way...YUM!

While this is mainly a bar, they do have a family dining area so families and friends of all ages can come enjoy a meal together. Although, locals did tell us, this is the place to come when you turn 21... they do have a fully stocked, large bar area. Live music, DJ or Karaoke available several times throughout the week too. If you have a group and are planning to visit Coody Brown's, especially during the summer months, be sure to call ahead, it can be quite busy. No wonder, with food this good!


Blog written by Ashley Gregory

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