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A different kind of tenderloin at Cooley's Bar and Grill, Peru, IN

June 24, 2014 - General -

Indiana is known for breaded tenderloin sandwiches but what about a breaded tenderloin with BBQ sauce, bacon and provolone cheese on it? Well, that is what you will find on the City Hall Sandwich at Cooleys Bar and Grill in Peru, IN. Are you thinking, that is weird? Well, it tastes more amazing than you can imagine and puts a very different spin on your typical boring breaded tenderloin. Enjoy it with a side of their specialty fries or onion straws and youve got it made!

Cooleys is a bar, so you have to be 21 years of age or older to enter, which is a shame for all those younger folks as they wont be able to enjoy this great food but us older folks are sure lucky! Besides the City Hall Sandwich, among their most popular menu items, you will find their Bodacious Burger, which is very similar if pork tenderloins arent your thing.

The Bodacious Burger is an 8 oz. seasoned, grilled burger, topped with bourbon BBQ sauce, spicy onion straws, Swiss cheese and peppered bacon. Dont forget their variety of Jack Daniels items as well they have a Jack Daniels Tenderloin and Wings that will for sure become some of your favorites! Looking for something a little lighter? Well, youre in luck! This summer theyve decided to add some lighter fare items to their menus and you will be able to find items such as salads- chef, or chicken Caesar with others following soon or a Tilapia Dinner. Look for them to expand on those menu selections in the upcoming months.

Cooleys has your evening entertainment covered as well! Go hang out on Thursdays for piano night, Fridays you will find a DJ there and Saturday you will find a live band. (Schedule subject to change- check their Facebook page or call before you go.) With amazing food, great entertainment how could you go wrong? Gather up some friends and get on over to Cooleys, we are sure you will have a great time!

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