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Collom's General Store

July 21, 2017 - General -

Collom's General Store is a step back in time. Immediately pulling up to Collom's General Store in Bridgeton I was in awe. The drive alone felt like a different era. The country was beautiful and as we pulled up to the General Store, I was immediately in enamored with this tiny town. Parke County is known for their covered bridges and is one of the first images rolling into Bridgeton.

Collom's is owned by Dan and Kathy Collom. Realizing the need, they bought the building and turned it into a general market, restaurant, and town gathering place, of sorts. It is the perfect fit for the residents and guests of Bridgeton.

So many different items available for purchase such as deli case meat, ice cream, sandwiches, salads, and homegrown products. The Hot Ham and Cheese is a local favorite and grilled to perfection.

They make homemade salads daily. The Ham Salad was so fresh and has just the right about of savory from the meat and sweet from the other ingredients. It was our favorite food of the day. Kathy and her daughter even sent some home with us.

The store itself reminded me of when I was a child going to our local store downtown. The store is Bridgeton's only store open year round for residents and visitors.

On Friday Nights, everyone gathers for the dinner and music fest. The feature different meals every Friday and the music is a town favorite. Ordering from the deli is always available too. Order sandwiches and take on a picnic your down the road to the gorgeous covered bridge. Built by Dan Collom and Co. too.

***A little history on the bridge

The dam is nine feet tall and 220 feet long. The waterfall is 2002 long- the foundation of The Mill is actually part of the dam. The covered bridge is 261 feet long. (The postcards say 245 feet). It is a double span Burr Arch originally built by J.J. Daniels in 1868. The covered bridge was Set Aside or closed to traffic in 1968. It was burnt down in 2005 and re-built by the good people of the community in 2006

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