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The Fiddlers Three

October 23, 2018 - General -

The Fiddlers Three

While IFA is about the food sometimes there is a history that must be shared. Fiddlers Three is one of those stories true local business that has been a stand out in Shelbyville. Kathy De Moss shared her Dad's story about the care he took in planning and building the restaurant. The planning of the structure took almost five years. All beams are authentic and all fancy woodwork, display cases and cabinets were manufactured on the premises by the proprietor, William Dugan,and his able assistant, Steve Lower. The leaded glass windows and doors, with over 1700 pieces of glass, were also constructed on site by these same two craftsmen.

The large chimney in the main dining room starts six feet below floor level and extends forty feet into the air, weighing nearly one hundred ton. Fireplaces were built by Harley Q. Brown, Master Mason of Shelbyville, Indiana. Bricks used in the lower fireplace are over one hundred years old and were taken from the Odd fellows Hall in St. Paul, Indiana. The mantel is a 148 years old hewn beam from Shelby County. The menu is an unexpected surprise for land locked Indiana featuring: Lobster, Maryland Crab Cakes, Alligator, and Shrimp.

Soup specialty French Onion Soup with a slow cooked dark rich broth and melted cheese. Lobster Bisque creamy rich with large pieces of lobster.

Steaks selections Ribeye, New York, Filet Mignon and Chateau Briand. Friday and Saturday nights feature Slow Roasted Prime Rib, a local favorite. The Menu is so varied I could not leave out other menu favorites: BBQ Ribs, Oriental Sesame Salmon and New Zealand Lamb

Some locals say this is where we always go to celebrate special events, for others it is a staple to be enjoyed anytime.

Blog Written by Becky Harper

The Fiddlers Three can be found on the IFA's Here Fishy Fishy and Cut Above Trails.

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