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Smitty McMusselman's Pub and Grub, Peru, IN

November 4, 2014 - General -

Looking for a place with a lot of heart and soul? Check out Smitty McMusselmans in Peru, IN! This restaurant is located where another local favorite Irish Pub used to be located, Shanty Malones. Regulars of Shanty Malones wont find much the same in this new restaurant though. The new owners, Sara and Christina have completely renovated this restaurant and the menu throwing lots of personal touches and love into the design.

Upon first entering this restaurant, it immediately feels like home while still maintaining that eclectic pub feel. I think just about everything in this building has been made by, hand chosen by or came from family of Sara and Christina. They made most of the light fixtures, with no previous electrical experience (something amazing to me), scoured antique stores and the family farm for anything and everything that might work in their new pub. They tried to stay true to their Miami County roots, keeping those things that were salvageable from the old restaurant, saving some swinging doors from a historic hotel that used to be in downtown Peru (they are now mounted at the entrance), using reclaimed wood in the floor from Saras family farm, using a farm table dating from 1914 and a local woodworker was even hired to create the bar and a couple choice items throughout the restaurant (be sure to ask about the kilt stool). They even used bottle caps to create decorations and add touches to the floor! If you have a chance, ask Sara or Christina about the décor, we are sure they would be more than happy to share their story with you. While you are there, be sure to check out the restrooms on the first floor, strange thing to check out, I know but just do it. Women the light fixture is awesome, so simple but elegant at the same time and Men, well lets just say there is an activity incase you get bored.

Now, for the food, the most important part! They are still working out kinks in the menu since the restaurant is fairly new but we tried their Shepherds Pie and it was phenomenal! Im not a huge Shepherds Pie fan but I would definitely order this again! Its a puff pastry covered with ground beef, peas, potatoes, carrots, and mashed potatoes, topped with fried onions, garnished with chopped parsley and shredded carrots. Delicious! It is a pretty large serving so go hungry, plan to share or plan to have left overs! Its always great to have the left overs of something you love to enjoy the next day! We have also heard that their Reuben, Fish and Chips, Breaded Mushrooms, Tenderloin and New York Strip Steak are fabulous too! I guess Ill just have to go back to check it out for myself.

Those of you with kids dont worry, you can bring them too, they have a family room upstairs and there is a special bar just for the kids! A soda bar! Its pretty cool! They will love it! Although, watch out, there is candy up there too, you might be faced with a kid on a sugar high afterwards!

Wonder why the logo has an American flag inside a clover at an Irish Restaurant? The restaurant is veteran owned! What a great way to support one of those that have done so much for our country! Be sure to take some time to visit this fantastic restaurant, we are sure you will not be disappointed!

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