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Jefferson Street BBQ, Converse

November 4, 2014 - General -

Jefferson Street BBQ If you want great BBQ youve got to visit Jefferson Street in the small town of Converse, Indiana! Its here that you will find Jefferson Street BBQ. It has a great, welcoming storefront with a few outdoor seats for a nice day. Inside there isnt much décor but what they have really works. A lot of wood, brick and stainless steel, how can you go wrong? The lights add a little fun to the restaurant; they are upside down galvanized buckets. How cool is that! And the menu-its on the wall on a chalkboard across the whole wall!

All the food here is homemade! They make their own BB Q sauce, smoke their own meat (which is all natural, hormone and antibiotic free) and the sides are made from family recipes that have been passed down to the owner. The BBQ is deliciously sweet and the jalapeno one is slightly spicy, just how I like it. Im a real wimp compared to a lot of people when it comes to spicy foods though, so Ill stick to the regular BBQ sauce, it is perfect for me!

On the menu you will find the typical ribs, pulled pork, briskets, etc. But you will also find chicken on the menu and pulled pork in wraps and salads. The ribs were delicious but the pulled pork wraps were amazing! Who would have thought to put BBQ Pork on a wrap and then on top of that add crispy greens, avocado, jalapenos and BBQ Ranch Dressing? Yum! I can just imagine the salad is just as yummy! Is it lunchtime yet? My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

This is definitely worth the drive! But vegetarians be ware, there isnt much on the menu for you. Sorry!

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