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Three Pints Brew Pub, Plainfield

November 4, 2014 - General -

What do Yoshis Nectar and a fried egg on a burger have in common? They can both be found in Plainfield, Indiana at a restaurant called Three Pints Brew Pub.

Now honestly, I am not a beer persona at all but they do have a great selection of beers all made on site and the one I took a sip of honestly wasnt bad, for beer. Some of the beers the manager recommended were McClearens Scottish Ale, Beatnik Blonde, Yoshis Nectar and their Oatmeal Stout. A great pair to their beers (so Im told) is the Big One Burger, and dont forget to add the fried egg. Now I did try the burger and while it sounds strange having a fried egg on a hamburger it was surprisingly very good. Their sweet potato fries were very good as well and a great pair to the burger.

Now they have other typical pub food such as fish and chips, tenderloin, pizza, etc., all very good but they also have some very untypical items on the menu. Have you ever seen Pot Roast, kebabs, Rattle Snake Shrimp Pasta or pork chops on a pubs menu? Well they have them all at Three Pints. Visit on a Thursday or Saturday night during the summer months and you will probably find live entertainment on the patio. It is a family restaurant (children just arent allowed in the bar section), so grab the family and have a great time!

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