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Not Just Heavenly, It's Divine!

November 5, 2014 - General -

Just walk in the doors of this heavenly bakery and you are instantly hooked! Baked fresh on site is a plethora of breads, rolls, muffins, gourmet brownies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, croissants and&&divine chocolates! And if you are lucky you will get a chance to chat with owner and baker Scott and hear his amazing story of how he came to be behind the counter and in front of the oven.

The Maine Corp is where Scott began his baking career. Twenty years and plenty of experience later Scott is sharing his story and goodies with the public at Heavenly Breads & Sweets. Scott and his wife, Rebecca remodeled the location by themselves. It was an inch-by-inch process but they progressed toward the goal of opening their own bakery. Opened in 2009, Heavenly Breads & Sweets quickly became a local favorite. They even received an exclusive contract to bake the breadsticks for Carusos Itailian Restaurant, located next door.

Their flour comes from the Greenfield Mills, which is a water powered grist mill located in Northern Indiana (and open for tours). Owned by the Rinkel family, the mill is the oldest commercial water-powered mill left in the state and also produces organic flour. Scott is able to produce aromatic and flavorful creations using locally sourced ingredients.

I suggest any one of the breads but my favorite is the Cheese and Jalapeño bread. By itself, this beautifully fresh homemade bread is mouth-watering and addictive plain, but slap some roast beef on it and you have a great sandwich with a little kick.

The other favorite of mine is his cookies, the bread sticks Ill get to that later when I discuss Carusos, but, back to the cookies! There are so many varieties. The chocolate chip, peanut butter, snicker doodle&..how to decide? You dont! I didnt! I sampled all three and have to say I loved the peanut butter, even though you cant go wrong with the chocolate chip or the snicker doodle or any one of the several others to choose from.

I guarantee stopping in to Heavenly Breads & Sweets will have you leaving with a bag full of scrumptious baked goods, so stop in the unassuming building when in the area and enjoy the sensory delights of being in a wonderful bakery.

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