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Mayasari Indonesian Grill

November 5, 2014 - General -

Nestled between two specialty shops, you will see a decorative window in yellow letters stating Mayasari Indonesian Grill, an authentic restaurant for Indonesian cuisine. Once being seat, Charlie, our waiter, suggests their specialty Iced Mango Tea. Leave the soft drinks behind and taste the delightful Mango Iced Tea with cubed fresh mango's! Quite refreshing on a warm day! Opening the menu, you will see items listed in English and Indonesian, with detailed explanations of each item. We begin with the complimentary Chicken Indonesian Soup  a light chicken broth made with scallions, tomatoes, light herbs that Maya creates daily. One of Maysari's most popular item's on the menu is Beef Curry, served with rice and grilled fresh vegetables. Maya begins preparations every day at 7am, including the creation of 8 varieties of marinade.

Maya Effendi has lived in America since 2004 and felt the timing was right to introduce Indonesian cuisine to Greensburg and Indiana. She is very passionate about offering freshly prepared foods that are light and have a variety of flavors. We try the Rib Eye Steak (marinated overnight) and sliced with one of Mayas special marinades on the side. All I can say is mouth watering and very tender. I definitely recommend trying the Rib Eye Steak!

Next a spicy sweet sauce marinade on the side with fresh pineapple, strawberries, mangos and cucumbers. Dipping the fruit in the marinade, the first thing you taste is the sweet of the sauce and upon chewing you the feel the spicy burst in your mouth!

There is only one dessert listed on the menu, but what a dessert it is! Called Sweet Bungkus, a crepe filled with sliced banana and whipped cream, served with a mango sauce and chocolate drizzle and decorated with 2 sliced strawberries on the side. It melts in your mouth and all I can say is awesome.

Get out of your comfort zone and head over to Mayasari Indonesian Grill in Greensburg!

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