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Where Friends Meet Friends

November 5, 2014 - General -

Where friends meet friends, when I asked how my foodie contact, Scott Carlin would describe the Main View Inn the first thing he said was where friends meet friends and I would have to agree with him, heck I even made a friend while I was there. Ask Scott about the Cincinnati Reds and the discussion will ensue from there.

The Main View Inn has been a gathering place for over 60 years in North Manchester. The tradition of food, friends and fun has been in place over the years and generations have come to make the Inn there family go-to for lunch, dinner, or just to come and hang out and watch the game. The Main View Inn is a very comfortable dining environment and one instantly feels comfortable and at home here.

I came here for the tenderloin, aka Breaded Pork Loin, and was surprised by the mahi mahi, the salad, slaw, and chips and dont even get me going on the beer selection or the pie! I will admit I eat a lot of tenderloin in my line of work, not that I am complaining, but I think I have a new favorite at least in the top three of tenderloin favorites. The tenderloin had a bit of thickness to it which helped retain the pork flavor which I found very appealing and served on a hoagie style roll. Breaded with a medium to medium heavy bready with light peppery flavor it retained when deep fried. The tender tenderloin was flavorful and filling without be heavy on the breading or grease.

I followed this up with the Blacked Mahi Mahi Sandwich. The eight ounce Mahi Mahi filet was delicately blackened and served on bun. The thing that surprised me was this wasnt a tiny slice of Mahi Mahi on a bun; it was more like steak with a firm full flavor. The thick portion and seasoning held up well as a sandwich and would be fine served on the plate with a veggie side. The side I enjoyed was the handmade cole slaw, made fresh daily, lightly creamy and zingy but without vinegar. A great side to a fish dish.

I also enjoy the crisp greens salad with the made in house ranch dressing, homemade croutons. The spring mix had the surprising sweet kick of crainsins&&delish! Just before dessert, I spotted a table enjoying a basket of chips, homemade fried chips to be exact, so throwing caution to the wind, I ordered a basket and was not disappointed. Served with homemade Cajun Ranch Sauce, the crisp yet still a bit chewy chips had a light salt flavor but the crowning glory was the Cajun Ranch Sauce.

The final feat for the day was to then have some pie, there is always room for pie, and boy o boy am I glad I had saved room. A Raspberry Crème Pie was presented and quickly the flaky crust and its contents found their way to my belly. Much like a sugar cream pie with a raspberry baked topping this pie was lip-smacking and rich way to round out such a meal.

And the final stroke to round out a visit is to select an after dinner drink from one of the 57 different beers available, or heck have one with your Breaded Pork Loin Sandwich, nothing better to compliment to Indiana favorites.

I now understand the saying where friends meet friends, I saw it going on all around me while I dined and I made a new friend while dining. A great place where the tradition of food, friends and fun is still in full swing after 60 years and going strong, the Main View Inn.

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