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My trip to Stones Restaurant

November 5, 2014 - General -

Recently some friends and me went to Stones Family Restaurant Millhousen. It was started by the Stone family in 1934 and bought by the Johannigman family about 8 years ago. It has a very homey and friendly atmosphere that is for all ages. My favorite thing there was the sauerkraut balls. They had a crunchy outside, a creamy inside and they were delicious all around. Next was the tenderloins. They were very tender unlike most other buffet tenderloins. The potatoes were also good. They were light and airy with a great sawmill gravy. The fried chicken was fantastic. It was very tender and moist and not greasy even though it was fried. It blew my mind. Also the german potato salad was great with the heartiness of potato and the vinegary taste with a sweet twang. It is something that everyone needs to try. The rolls were very dense for their size and brought the whole meal together. Even though the food was good the thing that sold me was that they refilled the buffet with small portions. That was the food was always warm and fresh. Overall my experience was fantastic and I will soon be going back for their wonderful food.

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