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March 9, 2015 - General -

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Lisa's Pie Shop 5995 S Us Highway 31, Atlanta, Indiana 46031 Hours Tue:10:00 am - 6:00 pm Wed - Fri: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm www.lisaspieshop.com

Don't Forget to Turn by Lindsey Skeen

Lisa's Pie Shop is Hoosier Gem located right off of Highway 31 in Atlanta, Indiana. I have passed this sign many of times on Highway 31, always wanting to stop to see what this shop offers. Unfortunately, I have had to pass on this opportunity so many times because I'm on a time clock driving to a specific destination. This particular day, I was able to take my time and bring my two young boys with me to visit this treasure called Lisa's Pie Shop.

Owner, Lisa Sparks, greeted us with open arms and shared her story of how Lisa's Pie Shop came to fruition. Lisa was diagnosed with cancer 18 years ago and realized working in a factory was not how she wanted to spend her life. So she decided that she was going to catering out of her house. She went looking for business anywhere and everywhere to get the business up and running. She ran corn detassling crews and saved the extra money for baking equipment. Lisa's Pie shop was born and was located for a year in Kempton, Indiana before moving to her location in Tipton, Indiana. Lisa shared she is not really a fan of pie and does not even eat it. I found this funny as someone who has won National Accolades for her pie making. Lisa's Pie Shop has been recognized as the best independent bakery in the country. Her philosophy of life is so endearing. Her pies are famous yet she still stands by the fact that she would be nowhere today without her customers and employees. "They make me famous not me. Without the people coming in offering to wash dishes, family, or her dedicated employees pulling an all-nighters during busy season, I wouldn't have Lisa's Pie Shop, I owe it to them." she states.

Lisa wanted me try several different types of pies to taste: apple, black raspberry, peach and sugar cream pies. Black raspberry, my personal all-time favorite, DID NOT disappoint. It by far exceeded by expectations of the delicious berry goodness. It was the perfect blend of tartness and sugar from the berries and I will certainly order one for a special occasion. However, her peach and sugar cream pie was just as exceptional. Im not necessarily the biggest peach pie fan but I will eat it again. Im a hard sugar cream sell because I make my own for my family. Everyone loves my sugar cream pie. However, Lisa's Sugar Cream Pie Recipe was by far one that exudes rich, creamy flavor accompanied by her homemade pie crust. She was so kind and gave me some secret tips to perfect my pie.

Oh the crust! YOU MUST TRY!!! IT IS ASTOUNDING! That is all! Did I mention the crust?

During our visit, Lisa and her staff welcomed us with open arms. She gave Roman and Henry the very special opportunity to learn how to crimp the pie shell and how the staff uses the equipment to press the dough. Both of the boys got a lesson in decorating cookies too. It was especially fun for Henry as his birthday was the next day. I told the boys assessing a restaurant for work has it perks because not everyone gets the opportunity to do this.

Lisa and her staff were in the process of trying a new recipes and of course, we had the chance to test the goodies out. The boys were fascinated by the baking operation and now calls every bakery a pie shop!

In the midst of visiting and assessing, I decided to call my Dad to see what kind of pie he would like for his for the upcoming visit. I purchased his favorite Peach Pie, he ate the delicious double crusted pie with joy on his face and his belly thanking me.

Lisa's Pie Shop does have a few surprises PIE IN A JAR! Yes, you heard right. The entire pie bottled in a jar, PIE AND CRUST directly to you in a jar. I think that will be my next purchase for my Dad.

Lisa's Pie Shop Standard Menu consists of Apple, Apricot, Peach, Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb and other specialty pie items depending on season as well as demand.

Thank you Lisa and staff for welcoming us and making special memories with two of my three sons. So when driving North or South on Highway 31 just at the Tipton/Hamilton County Line, look for the sign and make your turn!!! Whether turning right or left, you are veering into famous pie territory.

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