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Dont Know What to Have? Try Stahls Cafés I Dont Know with Grilled Onions

June 16, 2015 - General -

Stahls Café and Deli is tucked away in Brownstown in an historic old building with a beautiful façade that was once a furniture store. The Cafe and Deli offers some of the most extraordinarily assembled sandwiches you can experience. The owner, Patty Stahl, is not afraid to experiment with new menu items and is always trying new creations.

Alt Text Featuring daily specials, such as Country Fried Steak with homemade gravy or Indianas own Tenderloin sandwich, Stahls regulars cant resist trying the dazzling sandwiches featured on the menu and sharing with table mates. The I Dont Know is layers of roast beef, ham and turkey with American and Swiss cheese grilled on a sub bun with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and mayo. By description, this may sound like an ordinary sandwich, but it is not. The I Dont Know is perfection on a bun. The sandwich has the right amount of moist meats layered with fresh cheese and lusciously fresh lettuce and tomato and the mouth-watering grilled onions are the perfect topping to this bit of heaven.

My next suggestion is the Bacon-Tomato Grilled Cheese. I have seen grilled cheese sandwiches with all sorts of flourish added to them, but the simple, clean approach to just bacon and tomato allow the fresh ingredients to speak for themselves. Topped with a sour cream and onion sauce, you could not create a better grilled cheese if you tried.The Spinach Salad Wrap is a delicious blend of flavors you wouldnt think would mesh well together. Spinach, grilled chicken and feta cheese mingle with craisins and blueberries and are nestled in a honey wheat wrap. Divine& Also well done is the Southwest Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich, which you can have hot or cold..your choice.

Dessert varies from day to day at the café, but home baked fruit pies, crème pies, cobblers and cakes are available each day. The New York style cheesecake can be topped in a variety of ways and is a must. Be sure to not skip dessert, for if you do, you are only short-changing yourself.

Stahls Café and Deli is in an unassuming building, but that is where it ends, once you have whats inside that building you will be unassuming no more. Enjoy!

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