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Smoky BBQ at Squealers Barbeque Grill

May 2, 2016 - General -

Squealers Barbeque Grill The smoky scent of BBQ. The tender, juicy meat roasted for hours, just waiting to fall off the bone. The sweet, tangy, spicy sauce rolling off the meat. The great BBQ attraction! You hungry yet? I know my mouth is watering.

Some of the best meat I have ever tasted was found at Squealers Barbeque Grill in Mooresville, IN! We tried the Ribs, Brisket, Breaded Tenderloin Sandwich and the J's Burger. All were amazing! My favorite was the J's Burger. It is a juicy burger with two strips of maple smoked bacon, grilled onions, American cheese and the smoky sweet sauce on top. Oh my! One bite and I was in love! It is so juicy and has an amazing smoky yet sweet caramelized flavor and you could still taste the cheese and the burger as well. Amazingly, for a BBQ restaurant, their breaded tenderloin was very good as well. It was thin, but incredibly tender, very well-seasoned and very large, as us Hoosiers expect.

Now for the staple...BBQ. We sampled the Ribs and the Brisket. The ribs were fall of the bone and so tender with a nice smoky flavor that wasn't over powering. The brisket was thinly sliced, very tender and melted in your mouth. Both had a nicely seasoned dry rub on it that offered just the perfect hint of flavor. There were five sauces to choose from, so there is surely one for every taste bud. Mustard Madness is slightly tangy and has a strong mustard flavor. Carolina Red is a vinegar based sauce, its tangy and has a flavor that reminded me a lot of the steak sauce A1. Smokey Sweet is their sweet sauce and is smokey and the perfect amount of sweet. Smokey Mountain is the hot sauce. I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods and while this probably wouldn't be hot enough for some, the heat definitely stuck to my tongue. They also have one other sauce with the Smokey Mountain and the Smokey Sweet is mixed. I preferred the sweet sauce, with the mixed one my second favorite. This BBQ was the best BBQ I've had in a long time.

Dont forget the sides either. We sampled the Macaroni and cheese which was very cheesy and the Potato salad which appeared to be a mustard potato salad but had a sweet mayonnaise flavor. Both of those were very good but our two favorites were the BBQ Beans which are baked beans with a spicy and smoked flavor and the fried biscuit! Oh my! The fried biscuit! Seems like such a simple thing but man did it hit the spot! It is a flaky buttermilk biscuit that has been deep fried, making it taste like a savory doughnut. Its also served with apple butter, a typical Southern Indiana pairing.

The owner, Jeff, got his start with BBQ competitions which he still participates in. You can see a listing of their many awards on their website: www.squealersbarbeque.com. Since the Mooresville location has opened, he has also opened two additional stores, one in Castleton and the other on West 86th Street. If you arent able to visit this original location, we hope you will visit one of his other restaurants.


Blog written, by Ashley Gregory

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