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Down Home Cooking at Come 'N Git It

May 10, 2016 - General -

Come 'N Git It Sliders Looking for some great country style comfort food? Look no further than Come N Git It in Martinsville, IN. This restaurant is located downtown around the courthouse square at the corner of Main and Morgan Streets. The owners are a mother daughter team. The daughter has been in the kitchen since she was three and learned how to cook from her Grandma. They have both worked in the industry but It was always the Daughter's dream to open a restaurant with her Mom. Between the two, they have over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry and are very excited to share some of their family favorite recipes with you!

The owners' family is woven throughout the restaurant. The name of the restaurant came from the Grandma calling for everyone to "Come N Git It" when dinner was ready on the farm. The majority of the recipes are family favorites. The restaurant is decorated with family kitchen items like sifters and casserole dishes, etc. The art work is even family related. The owners' Father ( & Grandfather), was an artist for Purdue Extension and the drawings are those that he did for work or his sketches that worked up to the final product. Everything is agricultural based. It is very homey and inviting. You just want to sit and hear the story for everything on the walls.

Now for the food... Craving comfort food? This is the spot! Even better if your comfort food happens to involve breakfast and especially if you crave sausage gravy! When we asked the server what was good and most popular to eat, she immediately without hesitation said "Anything with gravy on it"! There are a lot of gravy options too! So much that the owners have to make 22 quarts of sausage gravy every morning! Yes, you read right, I said 22 QUARTS EVERY MORNING! Many times they have to make another batch in the afternoon because they run out! It really is that good. It's the perfect size of sausage crumbles in a thick gravy. Its perfection! Serve us a bowl of just gravy and Im sure wed be able to eat it! And that is coming from a person who doesn't particularly care for gravy! To get a sample of the gravy we tried the gravy staple, biscuits and gravy! The delicious gravy was poured over a substantial biscuit that was flaky and just melted in your mouth. Well, you can't eat gravy for every meal so we tried a few other things as well, all just as delicious. First, the breaded tenderloin. It was large just as expected and thick, crispy and just the right hint of pepper. Second the sliders, we sampled the Bacon Cheeseburger and the Mushroom Swiss sliders. Now you may say its a hamburger, how can you make it any better? I dont know what they did to it but they were both awesome! Both smothered in cheese and the bacon and mushrooms were thick sliced and you could actually see and taste them but still taste the burger as well. Ok, my mouth is watering, got to stop. We did not try any when we visited but we are told they also have great catfish and cod, large salads, chili and desserts. One of the local's favorites is also a quarter pound beef hot dog with chili and cheese. We are already planning our next trip to try these items!

If you find yourself in the Martinsville area, please be sure to visit Come N Git It and please tell us what you think!


Blog written by Ashley Gregory

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