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Welcome to the Indiana Foodways, a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the celebration, promotion and preservation of the authentic food culture of Indiana. We are a membership organization of inquisitive eaters, good cooks, culinary historians, chefs, food journalists, restaurateurs, culinary tourists, artisans and manufacturers.

Our membership encompasses a field to table spectrum from agriculture to fine dining, with emphasis on all the specialty foods, farm markets, diners and hands-on restaurants in between that are so dear to the hearts of Midwesterners who love real food.

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Tales from the Trails Blog

  • Sand and Snow.....And Everywhere In Between

    Posted on Friday, August 19, 2016

    We recently hosted Karyn Locke from for a FAM tour to both the Northern, Central and Southern parts of Indiana.

    Read all about her adventures below!

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  • Bub's Burger's and Ice Cream

    Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2016

    Bub's Burger

    Written by Intern, Hannah Scott

    At the corner of 2nd and Main Street in Carmel, look for the little yellow house. Inside, the walls are covered with pictures of locals and visitors from all over featuring their proud faces as they finish the famous "Big Ugly" one-pound burger!But if massive, one-pound burgers aren't your style, don't fret, Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream has many more options for the less hearty stomachs.

    While the "Big Ugly" is their specialty, they have many more burger sizes to choose from that make you feel bad about just not ordering the big one-pound hunk.

    While I hoped to be able to conquer the "Big Ugly", I chose to listen to my stomach and order the "Settle for Less Ugly" quarter pound burger. Since everything comes a la carte, I ordered a side of the sloppy waffles topped with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon and sour cream and boy did they live up to their name! While very sloppy, they were equally amazing! I would definitely suggest ordering them with any meal.

    A great option for if you aren't too hungry, or just trying to watch what you eat, is the "Mini Bub" which has all the flavor of a burger, but is the size of a slider.

    While you may be stuffed after your burger and fries, make sure to order a one-of-a-kind hand-dipped milkshake to take home! It may put you over the edge on the fullness scale, it is definitely worth it in the end!

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  • Oasis Diner - Serving Great Food With A Side Of History

    Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    Alt TextOur love affair with nostalgia. Bringing hearts and minds back to the golden days of hot rod cars, sipping Root beer and eating burgers during simpler times. The Oasis Diner reflects that history with the exterior and interior completely renovated and restored to its original state. Since this renovation, Oasis Diner has been named a hot spot in the Indianapolis Area for their famous Indiana Breaded Tenderloin, hand crafted sodas, and on-site bakery. The Oasis Diner is located on the Historic National Road US Highway 40 and one of the only diners left on the National Hwy.

    Packed with history the 1950s original dining room was transported through Plainfield, Indiana. (Watch the transporting of Oasis Diner here) A brief history about Oasis Diner  The original owner donated the restaurant to Historic Landmarks of Indiana in 2013. Owners, Doug Huff and Don Rector brought the 1954 Mountain View Diner back to its original state by restoring the front dining area and adding on to the back of the restaurant for additional seating. Simplistic wall hangings of era related furnishings such as an old waitress uniform and retired license plates decorate the back addition of the restaurant. Picking a seat at the original counter service area is always the best choice to enthrall yourself in the whole experience.

    All burgers made at Oasis Diner are made with a delicious blend of 8oz. of chuck, sirloin and brisket. However, the Oasis Burger is dually noteworthy because its topped with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, bacon, coleslaw, pickles, cheddar cheese, and garlic mayo on a toasted bun. The burger is huge and napkins are in order!

    Let's don't forget the one and only Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich which has been said to be one of the best in the Indianapolis Area! Currently, it is in the running for top 10 in Indiana on 10Best Choice from USA Today for their Breaded Pork tenderloin sandwich. Vote Here! Oasis Diner is also on Indiana Foodways Alliances Tenderloin, Just Cruisin, and Hoosier Pie Trail. The actual pork tenderloin is tenderized twice by Chef Pedro, hand breaded then deep fried exuding sweet juicy flavor with every bite. Try it on a sandwich or order the breakfast tenderloin called the Indianapolis Country Fried Tenderloin, which is a hand breaded Indiana Pork Loin smothered in homemade sausage gravy, served with a side of two eggs, home fries and a side of toast. It is one of the best breakfasts around paying homage to the tenderloin.

    The Oasis Diner's handcrafted sodas made especially for the by a local company should be sipped not gulped to truly savor the rich flavors such as the butter beer, cherry cola and red crème soda. If you aren't into soda order the milkshake. Make a classic move by dipping the fries into the milkshake for a creamy salty sweet mix.

    Speaking of sweets, Oasis Diner has a bakery nestled in the basement and the smells of the bakery frequent the dining area. So be sure to order the Pie of the Day or take home baked goods available daily off their Baker's Rack or Diner Counter.

    Doug Huff and Don Rector have made all the right moves with Oasis, as their motto states - "They serve great food with a side of history." Oasis Diner is located 405 West Main Street, Plainfield, Indiana 46168 317.837.7777 or

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