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Tales from the Trails Blog

  • Beverage Heaven and a Side of Fries

    Posted on Friday, December 16, 2016

    Alt TextRecently, I stopped by Igloo Frozen Custard to experience what I heard was a delicious custard and Lafayette tradition, first hand. My business colleague and I had no idea what was in store for us! We were greeted by Owners, Bill and Kathy Lodde. The ambience is bright and cherry atmosphere is bright and welcoming with the diner feel. In the warmer months, order from the walk up window then eat outside. We really could get a sense of community when Bill was preparing orders for a group of local teachers lunch. He has them ready and waiting, so they dont waste their precious lunch time.

    The story of the Igloo Frozen Custard goes back to 1932, when Florence and Charles Kirkhoff opened The Original Frozen Custard near Columbian Park, also in Lafayette. Then, in 1998, the 3rd generation decided to branch off and Bill and Kathy Lodde decided to open their version as the Igloo and now have two Igloo locations. Now Bill and Kathy's sons are starting to get involved in the family business, making this a 4th generation family business. The custard recipe at the Igloo, is the same frozen custard recipe made by Bill's grandfather, father and brother at the Original Frozen Custard. The Igloo makes 16 different flavors of custard daily, changing some seasonally and all are made in-house. Hand-dipped flavors include, mint chocolate chip, birthday cake, blue moon, and the staples; vanilla and chocolate. They also feature holiday and seasonal flavors such as pumpkin, peppermint, cinnamon, apple cider sorbet and more! Your taste buds will be begging for more!

    Beverage Heaven...  They are known not just for their frozen custard but also their fruit drinks and flavored sodas. I think we tasted every drink on the menu! I must admit I'm a sucker for a good fountain drink or flavored beverage. All of the simple syrups they use are made in-house. They use the best vanilla extract Bill can get his hands on for all the vanilla flavored drinks. I would have to say, my favorite, one I'd never tried before, was the marshmallow soda. It was the perfect fusion of Coca-Cola and a little bit of sweetness with the marshmallow flavoring. I can't believe this was my first one! Igloo's Fruit Beverage called "fruit drink" is "Pop's secret tropical blend". All made fresh with real juices. It is oh so sweet with a side of tang! This recipe has been around for 4 generations as well. Buy by the cup or gallon. It is a perfect party drink too. If I lived in Lafayette this would be my PDRD (Proper Drink Run Drink).

    Igloo Frozen Custard Treats were the biggest treat of the day. We sampled the cheesecake on a stick and a myriad of their novelty treats but seriously, if you like cinnamon and are visiting in the fall or winter when they have cinnamon custard, order the Snickerdoodle Sandwich as known as the "snickwich" OMG! I couldn't stop. A huge Snickerdoodle cookie that sandwiches cinnamon custard and frozen perfectly together. Periodically, but more in the Autumn Season, they offer a Granny Smith Sundae. Apples, crushed snickers and vanilla custard, Wow. Who knew that combination would taste so divine?

    My travel companion and I decided we needed something to soak up all the treats so we tried the chicken tenders. Real chicken not pressed meat, cut into tenders. Very tasty and it made me remember my youth. We also tried the Nacho Coney fries. THE BEST TOPPED FRIES I HAVE EVER EATEN, No Really!!!! The Coney Sauce I couldn't put my finger on exactly all the spices and that's because it is another secret family recipe. Bill has a knack for that and the Coney Fries. I took some Coney Sauce home so my husband could try it. He is a fry connoisseur and let's just say he was so impressed with the sauce that we went back that weekend so he could order his own. I suggest trying the burgers too. They are reminiscent of the old-fashion burgers from the mid-century.

    There are so many choices when visiting Igloo at either location in Tippecanoe County. Bring your appetite big or small there is something for everyone at The Igloo Frozen Custard. Igloo has two locations Igloo Frozen Custard 1817 Troxel Dr, Lafayette, IN 47909 and 4909 Tazer Dr, Lafayette, IN 47905 Lafayette, IN 47905. Both are featured on The Sweet Temptations, Ice Scream You Scream, and Just Cruisin' Trails.

    Blog Written by: Lindsey Skeen

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  • Fireside Cafe

    Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    Alt TextOwners Marsha Gill-Dunker and Corey Dunker returned to Coreys hometown of Shipshewana and followed their dream of owning a restaurant. Their dream became a reality two years ago when they opened Fireside Cafe inside Yoder's Shopping Center. They are known for their Applewood slow-smoked in-house meats and beans (Corey does the smoking) and a variety of made-from-scratch recipes.

    As I walked into the restaurant, the first thing that hit me was the extensive ice cream counter (28 flavors) and the smell of homemade waffle cones. I also couldnt help notice the homemade fudge and cookies, ice cream floats and milkshakes/malts. All I can say is, be sure to save room for dessert!

    Everything looked good on the menu, so I asked to sample some of their signature lunch and dinner dishes. I first tried the Southwest Chicken Quesadilla with smoked chicken, cheese, black beans & roasted corn. It was served with their delicious homemade roasted corn and smoked black beans salsa. I next tried their Three Sliders Platter that included the Smoked Turkey Club, Chopped Brisket, and the Pulled Pork. It also came with their broccoli salad side and a corn muffin. You can definitely taste the smoked-flavor in all three sandwiches, and I could eat a bowl full of the broccoli salad. It has broccoli, onion, dried cranberries and a yummy vinegar-based sweet dressing that they sell for carry-out.

    Finally, I tried the Fireside Melt with smoked turkey & ham, bacon, cheese, onion, and their Dijon sauce. I also sampled the potato salad, macaroni and cheese and smoked-baked beans. Im typically not a big fan of potato salad, but theirs is more like the texture of a baked potato and I liked it a lot. All of their sides are excellent and I think really make the meal special. So much that they should consider adding a Sides Only platter to the menu!

    Fireside serves breakfast (all-day), lunch and dinner, and they offer a convenient drive-thru for pickup on the go. They also offer catering and a private event room for meetings or social gatherings. You can tell the restaurant is a labor of love for this family, and I look forward to visiting again next time Im in Shipshewana.

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  • A Step Back in Time

    Posted on Monday, November 7, 2016

    Alt TextCrossroads Café located inside the Topeka Pharmacy is something out of a movie set in the golden days. Capturing history in one restaurant dating back to 1956. The Café has an Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain that's been a part of the pharmacy for 60 plus years. The actual soda fountain has been in Topeka from the beginning and has been passed down to each owner of Topeka Pharmacy.

    Back in the day this was the hang out spot of the local teens. They would grab a soda or treat while listening to their tunes on their hot rods. Farmers would come in to shoot the breeze with their long time pals while townie folks came in for it all. The café is actually attached to the Topeka Pharmacy. It is a one stop shop per say. Drop off your prescription and treat yourself to homecooking or a delicious banana splits. The café has a tiny kitchen and six seats with four soda foundation spigots. Additional seating is available in dining area.

    Crossroads Café's menu features breakfast, lunch, and sweet treats. Some of the menu items are named after former employees or customer's favorite foods. We suggest The Justin Sandwich, named after an employee who worked in the pharmacy and ordered his own spin on a breakfast. (Choice of 2 meats, served with Egg and Cheese on your choice of bread.) Daily Lunch Specials are available too, featuring a wide variety of food from Amish recipes to soup and sandwiches.

    Another favorite are the rolls, they are the only fresh baked rolls in Topeka. (They are a hot item (no pun intended) with the locals.) The Aaron Burger, name after a local hardware store employee, is a chicken breast, topped with bacon Swiss cheese, lettuce, pickle, tomato mayo on a fresh baked croissant. LaVerda Lehman, manager, shared that they pride themselves on using the freshest produce, dairy, and meat products from the local Amish farmers.

    Sweet treats are a must when visiting Topeka Pharmacy or Crossroads Café. Order the Syrup Zombie, a patron favorite. Loaded with Butter Pecan Ice Cream topped with butterscotch syrup, vanilla ice cream chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream topped with marshmallow cream and finished with nuts and a cherry! It is a zombie syrup apocalypse for sure!

    But don't forget the pie!! Sugar Cream Pie, a local and Hoosier favorite, is very a popular at Crossroads Café. It is a family affair for LaVerda. Her mother makes all the pies daily for the restaurant. Have the fresh, locally made pie a-la-mode or by itself. Either way, grab a cup of coffee because it's some of the best!

    The local Amish staff are the crown jewels of the establishment offering friendly top notch service and smiles. In conjunction with the Pharmacy the menu at Crossroads offers nutritional information on each menu item. This is part of a Healthy Options Initiative designed by their on-staff Dietitian. Crossroads Café is featured on IFA's Ice Cream for Ice Cream, Hoosier Pie, and Soup, Salad, and Sandwich Trails. Located at 101 North Main Street Topeka, IN 46571

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