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Our membership encompasses a field to table spectrum from agriculture to fine dining, with emphasis on all the specialty foods, farm markets, diners and hands-on restaurants in between that are so dear to the hearts of Midwesterners who love real food.

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Tales from the Trails Blog

  • A True Farm To Table Store - Turkey Run Gas & Grille

    Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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    Turkey Run Gas and Grill located in Marshall, is a great stop whether passing through the Covered Bridge County or a stop to refuel after a day on the water. During our first visit we were taken aback with this quaint convenience store/restaurant right off of Hwy 47 in Parke County.

    Looking like just another gas station/convenience store, upon entering, we immediately noticed there is much more to this place. We met with Bret Vandermolen, (owns boasts many trades within the McCurdy Company) and Managers, Becca Jones and Lora Gildon. They shared how the farm to table concept is not new to them and is a welcomed everyday function.

    Inside the store, a restaurant is nestled to the left, with a window placed for ordering. All the food options are available on a menu board. They work very hard to use the freshest ingredients from garden veggies to specialty cheese from a company with Kentucky ties. Most of the selections available are farm to table.

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    The locally sourced tenderloin is hand pounded and breaded to perfection. The popular Hoosier pork tenderloin we tried was so succulent! The freshness of the pork was very apparent and was loaded with fresh veggies from the garden too. It was Bret's first time trying a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich so we had some fun with that! Follow us on twitter to catch the video! @indianafoodwaysalliance The beef for the burgers is made fresh from a local farm and is 100% Beef. There are no hormones and no antibiotics used from McCurdy Farms and Cattle Company. The delicious burger was topped with fixings from their garden. To our surprise, a special cheese was used called St. Jerome. The cheese is made from a local dairy farm, Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, in Kentucky. It is hard cheese with a smooth rind, flower notes like cheddar and a creaminess like Gouda. I love that they are using locally sourced products even for toppings!!

    During our visit, we tried the Beef Burger and Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches but the side was just as much as a treat than anything! What goes best with these signature sandwiches? Why an Indiana Favorite, hand breaded pickles, of course! I'm picky about fried pickles so I was pleasantly surprised, the breading is nailed down to perfection! Lightly breaded with just enough spice in the blend! They have so many options for snacks, lunch, or dinner so make this a priority stop while you're in Marshall!

    Recently I took the family on a 15 mile canoe trip - Husband and 3 boys in tow. We used Turkey Run Canoe & Camping, also owned by Joe McCurdy. If you want to enthrall yourself in to the break taking views of Sugar Creek....go canoeing!! Amazing memories, we broke a few lures trying to catch the giant Carp and only tipped once! After a long day on the water it was a must to stop at Turkey Run Gas and Grille. We cooled off with Ice Cream! They have several different varieties available of Glover's Ice Cream, which is also an Indiana Company. Alt Text

    The convenience store part of the Turkey Run Gas & Grille offers variety of Camping supplies too. They have recently renovated the convenience area so stop in today and check out this hidden gem in Marshall, Indiana!

    Turkey Run Gas & Grille are on Indiana Foodways Alliance's Ice Cream for Ice Cream, Tenderloin and Homegrown Trails.

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  • Gobbler's Knob Country Store

    Posted on Thursday, July 27, 2017

    Just moments from Turkey Run State Park, you will find The Gobblers Knob Country Store off of SR 41 in Bloomingdale, IN. Gobbler's Knob Country Store Outside

    The friendly staff, fun nostalgic candy, handmade candies and drumsticks and the wonderful ice cream selection are more than enough to make the trip but as an added bonus, they also have antiques, collectables and some jewelry! Be sure you stop by when you are in the area, you've got to see this!

    The ice cream was fantastic, with a large variety of changing flavors, many would be hard to find elsewhere. Such as elephant ear ice cream! Where have you ever seen that before? If you like elephant ears or cinnamon, Id give that one a try for sure! See one you are interested in, but not sure about? They do offer samples as well to help make your decision. The most amazing thing we tried while we were here, was their drumsticks that they make on-site. Drumstick from Gobbler's Knob It's dipped vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone topped with chocolate and salted peanuts. Yum! So, delicious and 100 times better than the mass produced kind you find in the grocery store! There was even a surprise once you got to the bottom. You'll have to try one to figure that out though. (Yes, its edible. Sorry, its not a ring or something like in a box of Cracker Jacks).

    The history of this building is very interesting. Ask while you are there, but here is a short synopsis, with details taken from a history as recalled by Jessie Guthrie Graeber and George Guthrie and given to us when we visited. The building was formerly the Commissary at Turkey Run. It was constructed about 1927 by local carpenters for William Guthrie, the then lessee and manager of the hotel at Turkey Run. It was a place to get picnic supplies and groceries and its staff also served sandwiches, pie, soda pop and ice cream. Mr. Guthries lease on the hotel was canceled in 1943 and he was told he could leave the commissary building but wouldn't be paid anything for it. So, in the summer of 1943, they sawed the building in half across the gables and the two halves were rolled on logs down SR 47 to SR 41 and placed on a solid foundation at it's new home. It has had a variety of different uses since it has been moved but its very well suited as an ice cream and candy store now we think.

    This location also has two adorable tiny house style, air-conditioned cabins available for rent next to the Country Store. Gobbler's Knob Cabin Check out their website for more details on those: We were able to tour them while here and it sure made us long for a weekend away! Very clean and comfortable space.

    When you visit, be sure to share your experience with us on social media! We'd love to hear from you!

    You will find Gobblers Knob Country Store on the Sweet Temptations and I Scream for Ice Cream Trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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  • The Phoenix

    Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Tucked away by the IGA in Rockville is a very nice surprise! The Phoenix Restaurant is an Asian buffet but also has menu options. Locals love it! One woman we met says she comes twice a week and just loves the Crab Rangoon and the Baked Crabmeat with Cheese. We were sure to try those and fell in love with them! The staff and owner are very friendly and you could tell that there were many regulars in there for lunch the day we visited.

    The buffet was very clean and had a good selection of options. We were encouraged to try the coconut chicken, crab Rangoon, baked crabmeat with cheese and we were told to wait and save room for the house specialty- the Chicken Rendang! That day she also had a wonderful cauliflower and cheese dish that we loved. We were so impressed with the flavors of each dish! The Phoenix, Coconut Chicken The coconut chicken was breaded, fried chicken bites with a creamy coconut sauce. Amazing! Crab Rangoons at the Phoenix The Crab Rangoons were perfectly crunchy with a sweet, creamy center. The baked crabmeat with cheese was an interesting dish, that we thought was something different, it was simple, just like it sounds, crabmeat with melted cheese on top. I believe maybe there were some vegetables thrown in there too but Im not quite sure, at any rate it was very good. The crown jewel was for sure the Chicken Rendang though! Chicken Rendang at the Phoenix This is a Malaysian Dish that only is available when the owner is working we are told. It is a chicken curry dish with vegetables but the curry flavor is somewhat milder than most. I'm not a curry fan at all and I really enjoyed this dish, although a bit spicy. It had hints of ginger as well, which the owner mentioned she loves to put in many of her dishes. We were told, residents of the area who have moved away often come back and request her Chicken Rendang, saying its not as good or can't be found in the Asian restaurants in their new towns. The buffet also offered a variety of traditional Asian dishes such as Egg Drop Soup, Sweet Donuts, sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, pot stickers, egg rolls and more. It was a very impressive spread and dishes were being refilled consistently.

    We left with our bellies full and dreaming of the next time we can visit to try some more mouthwatering dishes! If looking for Asian in Parke County and surrounding areas, this is for sure the place to go!

    When you visit, please take photos and share those and your experience with us on our social media pages! We'd love to hear what you think!

    You will find The Phoenix Restaurant on the Savor the Flavor and the Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner Trails.

    Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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