Indiana Culinary Trails

Stop 18: Tenderloin Lovers Trail Trail

Weenee World

Hours of Operation

Winter Hours

11AM - 8PM


11AM - 10PM

General Dining

Credit Cards:  All Major Cards Accepted 

 Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner, Snacks, Ice Cream 

 Dining Classification: Casual 


Menu Style: Ice Cream, Hotdogs, Tenderloins and More 

Entertainment: Coin Operated Ride-On Toys


Parking: Large Parking Lot 

Visible Signage: From Road, Sign on Building, From Highway 

Handicapped Accessible: YES


Seating: Outside Seating Only 

 Gift Shop / Products for Sale: Novelty Toys for Sale

Recommended Dishes

Ice Cream, Tenderloins, Hot Dogs, Chili Dogs, Slushies and MORE

Restaurant Photo

Website Phone Directions

Restaurant Information:

Phone: (765) 529-5530

601 N. Memorial
New Castle, IN 47362

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